7 Exercises to relieve upper-body tension, recommended by a yoga teacher

Downward Dog

A popular yoga stance, this is a great morning stretch. Open your shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and foot arches. Shoulders and upper back are strengthened with down dogs.

Cat/Cow Pose

Cat/cow stretch massages the muscles of the back, improves spinal flexibility, relieves lower back tension, calms the nervous system, and improves circulation

Child's Pose

As "a gentle stretch for the back, hips, thighs, ankles, and feet," this position is quite relaxing.   Hands and knees. Sit back on heels gently.

Rag Doll Pose

The rag doll pose is a basic hamstring and lower back stretch, according to McDonald. Allowing your head to droop will help relieve your neck and shoulders.

Modified Standing Back Bend

This is a great pose to work on spinal extension (posture that keeps you upright), which can help offset the spinal flexion (forward hunch posture) a lot of people fall

Rosemary Roasted Baby Carrots

Pigeon posture stretches hips and glutes, relieving lower back tension, Dietrick says. There are various methods to adjust the one-leg pigeon stance to be effective yet

Seated Spinal Twist

Take a breath, lengthen your spine, and then release it as they turn to the right. The objective is to maintain both shoulders relaxed and away from the ears while looking over your right shoulder.