7 Nail Care Tips To Follow For Healthy Nails In Winter

Moisturise The Nails

While doing daily chores, our nails lose moisture. This is more common in winter. Air dryness causes nails and skin to dry out when temperatures drop. 

Apply A Base Coat

Always apply a base coat to your nails to protect them from dust, filth, pollution, and severe weather. Nails are strengthened by the base coast.

Apply Cuticle Creams

While cleaning and clipping our nails, we often cut off our cuticles too. However, cuticles are the nails' natural protective coverings. 

Use Nail Masks

Homemade masks have often proven effective for our beauty requirements, whether it's skincare or hair care. Masking your nails with a DIY recipe can provide deep nourishment and strengthen them.

Avoid Water As Much As Possible

Avoid water for your nails. Gloves can be worn while bathing or washing dishes. Avoid over-watering your nails, which might weaken the bud.

Use Gloves

You wear socks when sleeping to protect your feet from breaking, and you can use thin gloves while sleeping at night. 

Avoid Manicures And Styling

During the winter, when your nails are already fragile and prone to breakage, soaking them in water for manicures makes them break more quickly.