7 Thrilling Adventure Sports You Must Try This Season

Glacier Hiking

Anyone can take on this amazing adventure with the support of a guide and specialized equipment such as a climbing harness, crampons, rope, and an ice axe.

Volcano Boarding

Similar to sandboarding (another popular activity in recent years), volcano boarding involves skimming down the face of active volcanoes on a plywood board while using your heels to brake and steer.


Heli-skiing elevates skiing and snowboarding for thrill-seekers. Instead of moguls, tree runs, and ski lifts on designed ski slopes, you'll face untamed terrain.

Swim with Sharks

Now, this extreme sport may be more popular than others. But until you've swum with sharks in the waters off Palau, this is an activity you should do.

Trek El Camino de Costa Rica

If you only have one extreme hike on your bucket list, put this one on it. The 280-kilometer track takes you from coast to coast, revealing a side of the island that tourists never see.

Base Jumping

For skydivers, base jumping is the next step up the extreme sports ladder. While we do not recommend base jumping if you are new to skydiving, it is essential for those who are ready to take the plunge.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing requires the use of ice axes, screws, and crampons to scale a frozen wall that may no longer exist in the coming weeks.