8 Healthy Snacks To Help You Cut Cravings And Lose Weight


Almonds are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. According to a 2024 Nutrients review, they reduce appetite, boost heart health, and may reduce belly fat.


Grapefruit's health advantages don't need a diet. Grapefruit has minimal calories and powerful antioxidants, but the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) says it is not a weight-loss panacea.


Keep chickpeas in your pantry for cravings. The meaty texture, nutty taste, and satiating fiber and protein make them ideal for weight watchers. 


To fulfill your sweet desire, taste grapes individually and leisurely despite their inherent sugar content. The USDA estimates 100 calories per cup of grapes. 


Choose a little chocolate treat instead of a drink. It's OK to have both. Instead of beating yourself up, enjoy your goodies and start the day with a nutritious meal. 


Popcorn is a whole grain, and 3 cups is a lot—especially compared to chips. Many firms manufacture packaged popcorn, or you may create it.


Flavored yogurt frequently has additional sugar, calories, and no fiber, so choose plain yogurt and add your own fruit for natural sweetness and fiber. There's good news if you've always chosen fat-free yogurts


Plan snacks with balanced carbs and protein to last until supper. Skip the vending machine and satisfy midday hunger with a healthy home-packed snack.