8 Small balcony gardening tips for urban dwellers

Make a plan for how you will use your balcony area first. Think about the location of your BBQ, table, and chairs as well as the area you wish to dedicate to your garden.

Plant some of them, please! This is a brief list of plants that would look great on a balcony; it is by no means exhaustive.

Don't spend a fortune on numerous tiny containers. Since your balcony is only five by ten feet, you might find yourself drawn to a stack of little containers, but aim higher.

Make plans for a garden that you will be able to enjoy all year round. Why confine your gardening efforts to the warmer months?

Grow in a vertical manner. According to Bellamy, there is no better technique to make the most of a little space than this one.

Before you visit the garden center, remember to take into account the amount of light and wind your balcony receives.

Do rotate your edible plants to deter insects. Despite being elevated above the earth, your garden could still draw flying pests or harbor insect pests from its nursery days.

Don't be scared to combine different materials and forms. Choose a range of plants to create a dynamic cluster.